Contextual Advertising

Fast and flexible way to attract customers in daily products and services promotion and work with a ready demand.


We build a dialogue with the consumer, form a positive image and act on the opinion of the target audience. SMM – it’s not just about the groups in social networks and posting "cats", it’s a full advertising channel with the most flexible settings of targeting.


Using media tools we help our clients to launch new products and services, build brand image and announce brand activities.

Landing pages

Develop a specific selling page in a view od advertising campaign even in a short time is not a problem for us as we working with a trusted "Bureau of Pirogov", partner which is one of the leading Russian web developer (8 among all Russian web studios according "Tagline").


Lead generation is a model when you only pay for an action which is done. It helps to achieve the quantitative based on the cost of the bid / call / buy / target actions parameters.

Mobile Platforms

Now share of mobile users almost equal to that desktop ones which means that any site should be accessible and easy for mobile users.

WEB production

Web sites of different complexity creation: from promo pages to complex portals with different integration.

Digital PR

Work with opinion leaders, the introduction of influence agents in discuss, creation and information background with PR tools.

Celebrity marketing

We use celebrities involvement in advertising or PR-company in order to create a brand image, increase awareness, loyalty to product and increase its sales.


We develop creative concepts, scalable to specific marketing tools, both in the long-term concept of promotion as well as for the local flights.

CRM marketing

Long-term relationships with target consumers through business process automation and optimization of working with customer data.

Mobile marketing

Advertising on mobile devices, geo-location services usage, SMS-notification.



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