Primax Agency
specializes on pharmaceutical
companies advertizing
We have a medical educated employees,
highly specialized doctors
and general practice specialists
We understand manufacturers' and distributors'
of medicines business features
We are able to work effectively with Supplements and RX-products. We know how to bring information to the medical community in a network, how to reach the doctors and tell them about your product.
We're good in all the tools
and can create optimal media plan
with a proven inventory considering modern trends such as rtb, retargeting, programming video purchases, crm, cpm, etc.
We provide a high level service
for a reasonable price, because we are
an independent no network agency, and our prices are
always at least 30% lower.
You can make sure of that through
our Client's reviews.
We know the legal features and understand,
what AIPM and №38-FL are, we also know what
FAS is and what to do with it.
We are Russian independent agency and our bills are issued in rubles,
so you always know how much you will pay.

We get an open agent commission,

We never "sew up" our profit into other positions. After all, we are doing a good job, and we are not ashamed to talk open about how much it costs.

We are not overstaffed,

and there is a perfect internal communication within the agency, so we never will torment you with an internal coordination and approvals. Our goal is to torment you with an excellent results.

Our media plans never
depend on commissions that we get.

If you need a context to a penny
commission, we're honest about this.

We never disclose our advertising campaigns details

as far as it is inner information, and you won't see detailed case studies.

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